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Pot possession is legal in some states now, though pot in Philadelphia remains illegal and will result in a pot bust for anyone caught. Though many people in jurisdictions have rejoiced over the changes in legislation, Washington state has felt some growing pains. Interestingly, the complaints aren’t about DUIs or unruly behavior of smokers, but of the residual smoke that lingers.

An anonymous Vancouver woman recently told reporters that the new pot possession laws were violating her civil rights as a non-smoker. This “needs to be discussed, people’s rights are being violated by the people who have been given the right to smoke pot,” she declared. Her largest grievance is with a pot-smoking neighbor, who she called out via a Google+ post. “I only have to say that it really draws that I have such a nice backyard that I cannot fully enjoy because when the acquaintances begin smoking their “legal” pot it always winds up in my lawn. It smells up so bad. I am not pleased right now at all.”

Right now, there aren’t many restrictions as to where and when it’s ok to smoke pot, so anyone of age can have it wherever alcohol is allowed, and naturally, the woman shared her concerns over this. “Some people relate cigarette pot to liquor, but I can sit out here on my rear deck and have a drink, and nobody knows the improvement. You can smell the difference with pot.”

Kyle Stetler of Main Street Marijuana thinks that these issues will dissipate over time. “I understand it’s a brand-new smell, and some people will feel slightly unpleasant,” he said. “There will be some people who are down on it, but eventually I assume people will take it easy and get used to it.”

Considering there isn’t a law preventing people from having it indoors or in certain places, it may well be something that non-smokers will have to get accustomed to. However, growers in Vancouver have been working on the DNA manipulation of plants, trying to come up with an odorless variety, and there’s also the possibility that ordinances will be passed that revoke pot possession permission in some circumstances.

Kim Kapp, Vancouver police representative, spoke out on the subject as well. “With any new law there are always gray areas, always evolution, things that come up that need to be addressed, questions that weren’t asked until after the law was passed,” he said. “We just go by the only law we have, which is don’t smoke in public and don’t drive under the influence.”


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