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Traffic Stops on I-76 in Philadelphia

Traffic stops on I-76 in Philadelphia are appearing more and more. Since the legalization as well as decriminalization of cannabis by Philadelphia’s nearby states, an abnormally high number of out-of-state drivers have actually been subjected traffic stops on I-76. All along the interstate are drug traffic stops or drug checkpoints. Statistical studies show that authorities are now targeting drivers based upon their license plates. The correlation in stops is most noticeable in those bearing the Colorado’s “green badge of courage.” Commonly, the tactics utilized by authorities in these traffic stops are entirely illegal and are grounds for dismissal.

Traffic stops on I-76 in Philadelphia can be triggered by a number of things. The authorities could legally stop a motor vehicle for running a red light, speeding, or missing a stop light, but not because they solely presume a motorist to be bringing controlled substances. When a police officer does a non-drug related web traffic stop on I-76, that police officer has the right to ask the driver about suspected drug activity. If the vehicle driver replies “no,” typically the cops will continue in asking to search the vehicle. He or she needs to have your informed consent, yet if you say “no” another officer carrying a drug dog could “simply pass by”, and before you realize it they are both searching through your automobile in an all out drug bust.

Traffic Stops on I-76 in Philadelphia Defense

Traffic stops on I-76 in Philadelphia can be difficult to defend. In reality, your legal rights dictate that if you are stopped in a traffic stop on I-76, the police needs probable cause or a warrant to search your car. If the authorities had no right to initiate the traffic stop, or to search your vehicle, a lawyer might have the ability to get the proof suppressed or the charges completely dropped. The circumstances as well as tactics surrounding the search and seizure might have not also been legal, and if they weren’t, any proof collected throughout the search is not acceptable in court.

Traffic Stops on I-76 in Philadelphia Lawyer

If the evidence against you as a result of traffic stops on I-76 in Philadelphia is devastatingly a lot and the period of your jail sentence exceptionally high, in some situations your attorney could have a look at options to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in the charges. Philadelphia attorneys understand that this is your case and your life. You make the decision as to whether to accept a plea bargain or proceed to trial. Taking on the case will mean thorough investigation on your drug lawyer’s part, but unlike other lawyers that claim they prepare for trial, Philadelphia drug lawyers in fact do and are successful because of it.

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